Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sharp as a Tack

It is no surprise that I love working in colored pencil.  I love the portability and just how flexible they can be as an art medium.  Keeping your pencils with a good sharp point is a whole other matter.  They are expensive and so you don’t want to unnecessarily waste them by over sharpening them or having the leads break.

I try to be careful but using a small portable sharpener is okay when you are creating art on the go but doesn’t make sense in the studio.  So I purchased this Mitsubishi KH-20 sharpener on Amazon for $24.77 when I saw it recommended by another local color pencil artist.  It arrived yesterday and this morning was my first chance at playing with it.  As I already knew to be the case, the box and instructions are all in Japanese and so I tried to figure it out myself.  That didn’t work so well so I then turned to YouTube.

I found a excellent video by Baylee Jae that answered all my questions.  I’ve included her link below if you decided to check out the sharpener in more detail.  As for me, I’m a happy girl and my pencils will soon be sharp as tacks.

I will leave you with a couple of cute little sketches that I have finished just this week.

KH-20 Instruction video

Saturday, February 2, 2019

and then there were T-SHIRTS!

Happy Saturday!  It is a rainy day here in Las Vegas and so a perfect day to work in the studio. 

I'm really excited about adding t-shirts with my artwork on them to my Etsy Shop listings.  I've had a number of coffee mug sales since introducing them and am looking forward to the possibility of selling t-shirts.  I'm planning on starting my own line of Christian t-shirts and greeting cards very soon. 

These are Hanes brand unisex t-shirts with sizes ranging from S-5XL and 3 colors to choose from (white, gray and pink)  Here is the link if you want to check out these and all my artwork available.

Julie Townsend Studio Etsy Shop