Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Tribute to My Dad

Gerry Warner Diveley
February 8, 1940- January 27, 2011

My dad was a man that certainly lived his life outside the traditional structure of what most in society would consider essential... a job for one. He started out young in life as a cowboy riding in the professional rodeo circuit. I believe he was mostly a bull rider but sometimes he would ride a broncos and even a buffalo now and again.

An interesting side note to this was that in his youth, my dad ran around with the famous rodeo clown "Buddy Heaton" and even rode "Old Grunter" around for him. Buddy Heaton also died of this year.

Somewhere along the way, as a young man he decided that being a gambler was the best way to provide for his family. Now while I wouldn't agree with that decision, it was his to make and as his oldest daughter I didn't have much input in the decision. There were certain difficulties and sacrifices we were called to make because of his chosen profession, but again...we didn't have much input.

I do know he love his kids and adored my mother.  In August, they celebrated their 50th anniversary just a few months before he got really sick.

He passed away in January 2011, and I found that God had me use painting as a vital part in my grieving process. So far, I have painted several pieces in his honor. The most recent painting I call "Wild Ride" and it is inspired by this photograph taken of my dad while riding a buffalo.

Within just a few weeks of his passing I painted "The Cowboy and His Little Girl". The boots in this piece are the special ostrich skin boots my dad always wore.

I miss you terribly Dad...We're all doing our best to take good care of mom, but it sure isn't the same without you.


Your Daughter


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    1. I couldn't agree more with you. This photo of my dad as a very young man is remarkable and I'm so happy that I have a couple of newspaper photos that show him in action.