Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here I sit on a Saturday morning, getting ready to take the first few sips of my favorite McDonalds coffee.  I am contemplating my days agenda and I know with the assistance of a topographical map that sits on the table next to me, just waiting to be consulted, I'll pick a point on the map to explore. The next 14 hours stretch before me with all the possibilities and potential of a great day. What will I see and what secrets does this amazing state await for my discovery? I know there is masterpiece in my head, crying to be realized and so at home I have my paints packed and I've dusted off my plein air easel in anticipation of the days adventure.

A few hours in the wilds of Nevada will help give me the inspiration that I need to start my newest piece.  The theme is Dream a Little Dream and I just keep considering the many rugged men that came to Nevada and California in search of gold.  I've had the fun of panning for gold just one time and the experience was amazing.  I want to capture that sense of adventure and the spirit of the man that forsook comfort and stability for a dream.

I've been admiring the magnificent artwork of Alfredo Rodriguez and he has so masterfully captured that in his painting "Colorado Gold Rush".  I can't come close to his skills but I want to create something that gives that same sense of adventure that he reflects here.  I highly recommend that you check out all of his works if you want to be inspired and amazed.

Yes, from my current vantage and one finished cup of coffee, my day stretches out with limitless possibilities and promises of masterpieces waiting to be created, maybe a little sunburn and most definitely a lot of wind blown hair. Thank you Lord for your all your promises and giving me the ability to consider the possibilities you have in store.

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