Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yeah for those RED DOTS!

You just have to love when a piece sells...I mean there is a mixed emotion because when you have created something there is an attachment you feel so when a piece is sold there is a moment of hating to see it go but then you imediately come to your senses and jump up and down and do the "HAPPY DANCE".  

This is how I have felt this past week because not only did a sell a little sketch I did as soon as I had posted it on my facebook wall but I got a phone call yesterday informing me that my oil painting "On the Hunt" sold at the Boulder City Art Gallery just two days after it was hung. 

And to add to that exciting news, the couple that purchased the piece were here visiting from the Netherlands!  I think that might make me an INTERNATIONALLY collected artist!  YAHOO!

On the Hunt- 11x14 Original Oil Painting-Sold to a couple from the Netherlands

"Cowgirl Up"- 5x7 pencil sketch- sold to a friend in Texas

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