Saturday, May 31, 2014

Join Me In My Journaling Journey

The journey I've started on as an artist includes belonging to several co-op art galleries.  Co-op means that as a member you have responsibilities to the running of the gallery and that includes taking your turn each month sitting.  Often this means long periods of time in between gallery visitors.  City of the World Gallery is situated in a way that I can actually bring in my painting supplies and sit up my easel there in the main room.  Usually, I have an artist friend with me and we can enjoy visiting and painting together all afternoon.  

My sketching supplies that I carry in my backpack
The second gallery that I have joined this past January is the Boulder City Art Gallery.  A beautiful gallery situated in the old Boulder Dam Hotel in quaint downtown Boulder City, Nevada.  This gallery has only a small office area so bringing my easel to pass the time isn't a possibility.  Equally enjoyable to me is spending the afternoon sketching so when I'm at this gallery I spend my time drawing.  I even have people stopping by just to see what I'm currently working on and I've started getting inquiries about doing some commission work.  It isn't hard to keep my iPad, a pencil box and a sketch pad in my backpack with me everywhere I go.  Yesterday this was the case and so I'm sharing the sketches I have completed yesterday at the gallery and two that I completed the week before. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking about starting a sketching journal and am in search of just the right journal to begin.  I can't think of any better legacy to leave for my family then beautiful journals filled with my drawing, notes and thoughts.  My plan is to start journaling during my summer vacation.  I will be blogging about this process and my learning experience as I discover my own journaling style.  To assist me I joined a Facebook group called "Artist Journaling Workshop" so that I can be constantly inspired by those artists that also enjoy journaling in their sketchbooks. 
In the mean time I'm going to keep drawing with my pencils (Prismacolor turquoise drawing pencils) and pens (Prismacolor premier fine line markers) on my Bristol, 96lb by Canson paper.     

3x5 quick sketch of my Facebook artist friend who is also the marshal of Dodge City, Kansas- Allen Bailey
A sketch of a young Native American girl from an old public domain reference photo

A sketch of my dear friends adorable Granddaughter Lucy blowing bubbles

Hollyhock blossoms

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  1. What a great idea Julie! I might have to get back to sketching myself :) You are an inspiration!