Saturday, December 19, 2015

You Want to Build a Snowman?


That is what my painting,  "First Snowman" was awarded at City of the World Gallery this past week for their annual JOY show.  This show certainly wouldn't be classified much of an art show, but it didn't deter me from putting my heart into this piece as I painted.  

This painting is very personal for me because the little models are actually myself and my younger brother.  I used a reference photo taken in front of my Grandmother's house in Swedeborg, Missouri probably around 1967.  I remember the day because my grandmother took the time to actually help us build this fine snow sculpture.  On our own we were way too small to accomplish the creation of such a magnificent looking chap but she did what Grandmas are supposed to do and that is to spend time with their grandchildren.

 I can even remember going through her button box to find the perfect buttons to complete his blackened stare and his sweet cheery smile. You can see just how happy we were on that day as we posed for the picture.  Bundled up warmly in our coats, gloves and snow boots we don't that a care in the world.  All we have in mind at that moment was loving our grandma and being so proud of our very first snowman.   Even today I find myself humming the "Frosty the Snowman" song as I think about that cold Missouri day.

I might have moved to the Las Vegas desert way back in 1978 but you just can't take the Missouri out of my heart.  Painting is a way for me to clear my mind of the insanity of the world I find that I am now living in and tell a story where for just a moment I can capture a memory or a feeling.  I guess that makes the term "ART FROM THE HEART" clarity.

"First Snowman"- 18x24 Acrylic


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    1. Thank you Mary Lou for the positive words. I don't get nearly enough feedback on my blog posts so I really appreciate you making an effort to post your thoughts.