Tuesday, March 22, 2016


In an earlier post I mentioned that I would talk about my portable art studio in a bag and so this morning I took this photo of all the contents spread out so that I could show you what elements  have added to my bag that I carry almost everywhere I go.

  • The BAG- I purchased this small shoulder bag at the local Wal-mart store for about $8.00.  It has several pockets and some sections inside to help keep my thing organized.  It is large enough that I can add small sketchbooks and even my iPad but not so large that I'm tempted to bring things I don't really need.  Not shown here but often in the bag is either my 24 piece Prismacolor 24 colored pencils or my Sakura watercolors field sketch kit, depending on what I'm doing.  
  • CREATIVE JOURNAL- I try to always have my creative journal close at hand.  You never know when a creative idea is going to strike and the last thing you want to do is write some life changing genius idea down on a napkin that will be discarded at some point without your knowledge.  Your great idea along with it.  
  • SKETCHBOOKS- I have two small artistic journals and a sketchbook that will allow me a creative surface no matter where I am.
  • ASSORTED DRAWING UTENSILS-  I think you can tell that I am partial to Prismacolor because my little can of drawing utensils have both multiple pens and pencils all from Prismacolor.  I have a kneadable eraser, pencil sharpener, a white Gelly roll pen, 2 painting brushes and 2 sizes of stumps for blending.  They are all housed in a little tin container that had beautiful hummingbird greeting cards in that I bought at Ross a number of years ago.  It's a perfect size and doesn't seem to give me problems with coming open when I don't want it to.  Functional and pretty, that's a win win in my book. 
  • CHARGER- I have an extra iPad and phone charging cords so that I can't be far from technology if my battery starts to run low.
  • MARKETING MATERIAL- I carry a few business cards, some invitations to my upcoming show and a few greeting cards I can give away if the opportunity arises.   VERY IMPORTANT!  Unless you are very successful as an artist or very wealthy and you can hire a manager, you are your own marketing staff.  Make it a habit to always have your business cards and giveaways with you. 

My Portable GRAB AND GO Art Studio in a Shoulder Bag

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