Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gonna Sparkle Like the the Las Vegas Strip

I love jewelry!  I'm crazy about it.  My daughters will bear witness that if you take me to the mall the first and only place I head is to the jewelry department at JC Pennys to look at their clearance racks.  I used to go to the bookstore too but that store has been gone from the mall for years so it's just me among the red tags.

I love wearing jewelry and sometimes even making it. I even took a silversmith class for a short time.  I also am a bit of a rock hound (you only have to see my front yard to know that I have a pretty extensive rock collection). I could look at polished rocks and gemstone, cabochons for hours. So last night night I drew this sketch of some beautiful jewelry pieces using pen and ink and colored pencil.  The technique is rather easy but the results are stunning.  I just love it. What a perfect thing for me to sketch and believe me I had fun doing it.  

As often is my habit, I had to write a little poem to go along with my artwork.  I think it sums up my feeling about jewelry pretty well.  If you enjoy this than remember that I have a whole lot of poems and a more artwork than you can shake a stick at on my website at Julie Townsend  I invite you to stop in and browse a bit and then leave me a message about what you think.  I would love to hear from you.

You’re Never Too Old to Sparkle
Julie Townsend

When your hair is grey and getting thin
And your body hangs a bit saggy in your skin
Just grab up some sparkle, glam and bling
I’m telling you it’s just the thing
To put a skip in your step
And give you some pep
Gold, silver, copper or brass
All of them will make you look first class
Jewelry boxes are such marvelous things
Brooches, pendants, bracelets, bangles and rings
You want them blinded by your glitter
Doesn’t matter if it’s real or a counterfeiter
Just load up those fingers, neck, arms and ears
The brighter the glow the less they will be able to guess your years

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