Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm Seeing RED!...but RED is GOOD Thing!

Oh how I love blogging about RED DOTS- Their presence on a painting signifies that the art piece has been sold and is not longer available as an original.  Some lucky collector has picked your work over a gallery full of beautiful and skilled pieces.  Oh yes, RED DOTS can be in many cases more thrilling than winning large ribbons in juried art shows.

"Great Horned Owl"- 10 x 20 original acrylic

I am just pretty excited today after finding out that my most recent painting "Great Horned Owl" just sold at the Boulder City Art Gallery this afternoon.  Selling art is confirmation that as an artist, I am heading in the right direction with my art.  With each sale, I am encouraged, even when there are times that doubts and insecurities creep in.  That simple commerce transaction between the gallery, the collector and myself brings with it energy.  Energy to get back in that studio and CREATE more art with added purpose and passion!  

My recent disappointment caused by scammers (more details about this story can be found on my September 1st blog  post) is not going to get me down. I didn't fall for their schemes and while I was sad that I didn't make that first website sale, I am greatly encouraged today. There are people out there that appreciate my work enough to want it to spend their hard earned money in order to hang my paintings in their homes and offices.

If you would like, please consider checking out my entire gallery of work at Julie Townsend Studio.  I would love to have you stop by and leave me a comment to let me know you were there.

This week I also stayed pretty busy in my studio restocking my inventory of greeting cards.  I had gotten a little low on some of my designs and I just love having a nice selection to choose from to use as give away gifts to friends or for marketing purposes.  I probably put together over 50 cards yesterday and am waiting for more cellophane bags to be delivered to finish them up.  Then I can start work on updating magnet inventory next.

I'm putting this year's investment of my Canon Pixma Pro-100 to work.  I love that printer!

Here are just a few of the cards I put together yesterday.

Finally, this past week we celebrated two granddaughter birthdays.  I have for several years now tried to draw each grandchild a special drawing on their birthday that I'm hoping will be a treasured item for them in years to come.  Nothing too complicated but something from their year that they can recognize.  These are the two drawings I came up with for my little September girls, Katherine (4) and Jenna (2).  Brad and I are soon to welcome grandchild number 8 into our expanding family and so I have plenty of work a head of me.


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