Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In These Months as Winters Watch Unfold

I painted this piece as one of the several entries I need to have for a number of upcoming holiday themed art shows that I want to enter.  The last few pieces have been of cute little chickadee so this trio of white tail deer was a nice change.  I was so inspired that I even wrote a few lines of poetry to go along with it.

You know as a child, I remember snow being so much fun and I enjoyed many a day sledding, building snowmen and winning a snowball fight or two.  The best days were those when school was cancelled due to road conditions.

As an adult snow doesn't offer the same appeal to me.  I'm very happy to live in an area that snow is all but a non-issue and in 38 years I have only had to really contend with it once and for any seasoned winter driver, my stress I felt that on that day would be laughable.

It is beautiful however and painting it is enjoyable.  So I've been painting my share of snow scenes these past few weeks.  This particular piece I'm calling "Winters Watch" It is painted in acrylic on an 18 x 24 inch gallery wrapped canvas and will be making it's public debut hopefully at the gallery at Lake Las Vegas during December.  I will keep all my art show participation information current on my social media and website.

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Winters Watch
Julie Townsend

Dreams of coming spring are covered thickly
Under a sparkling blanket of fresh fallen snow
Pine needles glistening frosted and no longer prickly
Bowing to the ground in a white splended show

The trees are a cast robed for a part in the icy scene
The moonlight adds drama and suspense as the curtain begins to rise
Nothing but twinkle and glitter to fill each gully and ravine
Such beauty spread softly that you scarcely believe your eyes 

The sounds of the hooves breaking through the ice crust
Are muffled by the thickness of the surrounding bitter cold
Their each step is exaggerated by the added effort and thrust 
Life is full of drama and conflict in these months as winters watch unfold

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