Saturday, January 7, 2017

Just A Gaggle Of Silly Geese

WHAT GROWS DOWN WHEN IT GROWS UP?-  A goose of course!  

I also learned something new today....a GAGGLE is equal to or greater than 5 geese so technically this painting is 3/5th's of a gaggle but saying a Gaggle of Geese is just too much fun not to have it as part of this post title.

The Neighborhood Watch Committee- REDO
This is my first completed painting of 2017 and it is actually a resurrected piece that I painted in 2011 when I didn't know much better. There was just so much about my treatment of the background and foreground that I didn't like.  I've been ITCHING to take a paint brush to it for quite some time now and last week decided to go for it.

There is always an element of anxiety when trying to repaint a large portion of a painting.  I pretty much painting out every part except for 2 of the 3 geese.  The goose on the left had to have his neck straightened to allow for the fence post and morning glories to be added.

The original 2011 painting of "The Neighborhood Watch Committee"

I think my redo makes my trio of trouble here a much more solid composition and goes perfectly with the rest of my "Down Country Roads" series that all feature country scenes with a wooden fence post covered in blue morning glories.  Since I have an upcoming solo library show in March of this year I have a goal of adding at least 5 additional pieces to the series. One down and at least 4 more to go.   I guess I have my work cut out for me.

Original Reference Photo taken in 2011 in Marysvale, Utah

Can you tell that I'm just a little bit excited about this show?  I want you to be excited too so I will be planning some fun give-away prizes as the time grows closer. 
If you are at all able to come see my show I promise you won't be disappointed.  Take note of the dates and times and I hope to see you there.

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