Friday, March 17, 2017

Watching Carrots Grow

Watching Carrots Grow
I finished up writing a poem I wrote just in the last few days to go along with one of my illustration sketches that I call "Watching Carrots Grow".  I think it turned out pretty cute and so I blogged about it yesterday on my Embrace Your Creative Side Blog.  Embrace Your Creative Side: Watching Carrots Grow:

I know I'm probably crazy to try to maintain two blogs.  I mean it's not like this blog has gone viral or anything but I found that I really needed to bring more creativity into my life and not just me painting on a canvas or drawing a cute little bunny rabbit.  I need my surroundings to reflect my creativity too.  I also need to pass on creative memories to my grandchildren and that all takes planning.  Blogging about projects and ideas will help me stay focused on what I really think is important.  So I say all that to really trying to step up my game.

Don't Forget Your Vegetables
With Spring weather arriving and the Easter Season quickly approaching, I decided I had better pull out some of my bunny sketches that I did last year and maybe add one or two new furry friends.  Now is the time to get these guys making a gallery appearance in the form of magnets, cards and small prints. Combine that fact with me working like a crazy woman trying to get all the details worked out for my March 28th solo art show "Down Country Roads", I have a pretty busy week in store.

This art and more is available on my Etsy Store. Check it out at:

Julie Townsend

Waiting and watching for Carrots to grow
Have you ever seen anything so painfully slow?
From the time in the spring when you place the seeds in soil
And don’t you forget to water, weed, sweat and toil

Then you jump for joy when you see that first bright leafy green
Looking like a plate decoration for some fancy cuisine
Remember with carrots the important part is growing out of sight
Deep in the ground without a single spot of light

For it’s the roots of the carrot that cause your lips to smack
Their crunchy sweetness is always a favorite snack
Patience is a virtue many will say
And you better have plenty because it takes many a day

Remember the saying “Good things come to those who wait”
Waiting you must do before that orange goodness is on your plate
There is an important lesson that you should take heed
Plant these words deep in your heart to grow just like a weed

I’ve read in the Bible that we should “fix our eyes on things unseen”
It’s not the outward appearance that makes you selfish and mean
But just like carrots that grow underground and out of our sight
It’s those invisible qualities of Love, Joy and Peace that makes you shine bright

And let’s not forget to save plenty of room
Because there is nothing so sweet when Kindness and Patience are in full bloom
Stand strong and guard the garden of your heart

The reward of that harvest will give your life a good start.

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