Thursday, June 1, 2017

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Yesterday my small studio space just got a lot more crowded.  All the pieces from my solo show at the Whitney Library had to come home and now they are stacked up like cordwood.  My exhibition time was over and all that was left to do was to bring them all home.  29 pieces in variety of sizes, some framed and some not.

So much time, effort and hard work goes into putting on a solo show and I'm not counting the many hours of painting or drawing.  Pretty much a solid year of effort went into my "Down Country Roads" collection.  It may be exhausting, but it is so rewarding to see all your work hung in a gallery on display.  Today there is a variety of mixed emotions.  I'm happy to have all my work back because the past two months there has been a strain keeping up enough new inventory to have pieces of high caliber to display at the other galleries that I show at regularly.  

This morning I am sitting here drinking my coffee and reflecting on the show.  I am also reading through the guest book comments that were recorded by the public during the two month of the show.  There were 10 pages of signatures and most were just a word or two.  There were lots of comments about color and detail.  A number of comments about my poetry and my sense of humor.  Several mentioned that the show reminded them of home or their childhood and some said I made them smile.  My artist heart is so touched by so many kind words. I thought I would share just a few of the quotes with you.

Channel- "Beautiful! Brilliant colors, put a smile on my face!"
Mary Ann- "I love your artwork; it brings happy memories of my childhood to me, thanks.?
Channel- "I had to bring my husband to see your amazing work!"
Unknown- "You brought so many memories back to my farm boy Vermont past!  Loved your talent!"
L.N.S.- "Very astonishing artwork! Mesmerized"
Unknown- "I love this work also I could feel the fishing hole, birds bugs and breeze.  Wonderful!"
Unknown- "Brilliant Poetry and lovely work."
Sydnee- "Ive never seen such beautiful art😀 Especially love the bunnies!"
Unknown-"Beautiful work & a great sense of humor!"
Martha- "Love your sense of humor.  So ably expressed in both words and art."

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