Saturday, August 5, 2017

Beets are a Beautiful thing

Awe....The Beautiful Beet

I am pretty excited to combine both my artwork and what most would call a quirky sense of humor all on the front of a blank t-shirt.  I love puns and I can think of a number of puns when considering these beautiful root vegetables of beets, turnips and radishes.  Now carrots are a different story.

I am at a loss for anything cute and witty when it comes to carrots.  They seem to have me stumped currently and I would love to hear any clever phrases that you can come up with that I could attach to these long, sweet and beautifully orange produce.

There is my very first t-shirt design and I am just pretty excited so I just had to share it with you this morning.  Here is the link if you would like to order this cute shirt for yourself or to give as a gift

My Zazzle Shop 

I made this magnet to give to my hairdresser just yesterday when I arrived for my only 2nd visit in 2017.  I so appreciate how she can take my limp and lifeless and WAY TOO LONG hair and transform it into something that actually has sparkle.  Thank you Heather for making me feel so good about myself.  I felt like I looked great last night at my show opening of Fur, Feathers and Fins and it is all because of your creativeness.

I'm thinking that this might make a cute t-shirt directed to those hardworking and often under appreciated hairdressers of the world.

Hairdresser or not, you need to keep checking out both my Zazzle and Etsy Shops as I add new products often.

Link to my Etsy Shop

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