Tuesday, April 7, 2020

3rd week of QUARANTINE

As I approach the 3rd full week of confined isolation and this government orchestrated lock down, I feel the challenge to keep my spirits and those of my family lifted up.  I strongly believe that we should always be wise concerning our health but I'm reminded that in 2 Timothy 1:7 we are told that "God hasn't given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind."  So I wash my hands and am barely sticking my nose out the front door.  Of course the pollen count is so high right now that I don't need government persuasion to stay inside.

To help me with that whole "sound mind" thing, I have made the decision to limit the amount of news coverage that I listen to and try to surround my thoughts on happy things and stay busy.  Rome may or may not be burning around me, and while I can't play a fiddle, I can draw cute little cows in wash tubs.

This series of drawings has really blessed me, as I hope they have brought others in my social media circles a smile or two.  I had a record month for March with 2.5 times my normal Etsy Sales and I can directly attribute that to these little bathing beauties.  I have to pinch myself every morning, because I am actually making extra money and still having this much fun.

One thing I have done here in the studio to help with this scary time is to have a giveaway each week.  The first week, I gave away a set of 4 "Wash Tub" note cards, week 2 was a t-shirt with my "Wash Tub Diva" art on it and this week I'm giving away a mouse pad and coffee mug with my newest drawing "Moo Updo".  I'm just trying to keep the focus on fun and sharing smiles.

I promise we will get through this and hopefully life will return back to normal so we can have the best 2020 summer ever.  I read that this virus can't take the HEAT, well the HEAT here in Las Vegas is coming, as it always does.  This maybe the first summer in 42 years of living in Las Vegas that I actually want the 100+ temperatures to get here.

So to enter this contest you must subscribe to my VIP Studio list by Sunday, April 12th at 8 PM (PST) but honestly anyone on my VIP list is automatically entered into many of my regular studio giveaways.  So it's a great win, win.  You stay informed about my studio stuff, you get to see some art that will make you smile and you have a chance to win some fun art.  Have I convinced you yet?  How about I give you the link to my website where you can go to sign up?  Or even better yet, you can subscribe to the list just by using the SUBSCRIBE form right here on my blog.  Sounds like a good plan.


Let me also give you the ETSY link if you would like to purchase either of these newest listings I have added to my shop.  Here is the "MOO UPDO" mouse pad link.  Isn't she just adorable?  I've ordered myself one and honestly I'm so excited for it to arrive.  Pink isn't my color of choice usually, but she rocks that pink.

Then there is this adorable 15 oz ceramic mug.  (I can't stand the little wimpy 11 oz cups) I have this curler wearing cutie positioned on both sides of the cup so no matter which hand you use to bring it up to your lips you will have her helping start your day out right.  The text in the center of the mug says "Good Moo-rning" and this way even if you are not "THAT MORNING PERSON",  you are giving out a cheerful, positive greeting to all those around you without even saying a word.  I had fun creating this design.  Here is the link to the MOO UPDO COFFEE MUG

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