Sunday, May 31, 2020

Soap and Quackers

Who still likes to spend time coloring in those popular adult coloring books?  I sure wish they had them when I was child.  I LOVED coloring and I've never out grown it I guess. I don't use those coloring books but I do love to work with color pencils in my sketchbook.    

Interesting coloring facts:  The coloring book, formerly called the painting book, has been around since the mid to late 1800's but coloring crayons weren't invented until 1902. ( Since then, they have become a standard part of everyone's childhood.  Don't you still feel a bit of excitement to see a brand new box of crayons?  You know that really big box with the built in sharpener?  I sure do! It's like a goose bump moment when that lid is lifted and all those unmolested color choices are there making their grand appearance, standing at attention in their neat little rows waiting to greet you. I was always envious of my classmates that were so lucky to have the "BIG" box with the sharpener as we grew up poor and I always had to settle for the smaller sized box.  This could explain my strong emotional connection still today to that sharpener.  LOL.  

#14 in the Wash Tub Series of drawingsYesterday, I finished working on a new drawing in my Wash Tub series that I am really excited about. It is hard to believe but this is actually #14 in the series so far.  This one is of a black Labrador and two mallard ducks in that very familiar tub.  At the base of the tub I have added some fuzzy baby ducks and a red ball.  The dog has soap bubbles on her head, which I hope gives you the impression that she has been playing in that water herself.  We all know that Lab's love to play in the water.  It's a really fun piece and I had a great time creating it.  It is SO much fun in fact,  that I felt a downloadable coloring sheet would be a great idea. 

As and artist, I feel it is important to share my love of drawing with others and that is what prompts me to create fun giving away items. Little pieces of artwork to share with those that support this creative journey I am on.  Please download as many as you like.  Share them with your students, grandchildren or maybe you just want to color them yourself.  I would LOVE to see your finished coloring projects.  Snap a picture and let me see too.  

Here is the link to my FREE COLORING SHEETS

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