Thursday, July 7, 2011


From as early as I can remember I have LOVED rocks.  I might have gotten this from my grandmother who thought lining her very long driveway in Swedeborg, Missouri with alternating painted pink and blue SPONGE rocks was a legitimate landscaping accent.  There might also have been a few truck tires painted white serving as flower planters...You can't take the hillbilly out of the hills.   You can ask any member of my family and they will tell you that on almost everyone of my travels I have brought home "pretty rocks" to add to my growing front yard collection.

Now you would think that with my familiarity and long love of rocks that as an artist I would easily paint them but I just keep coming up against a ...."ROCK WALL".  I am determined to conquer my "Rock Deficiency" into a "Rock Proficiency".  I thought you all might want to come along as I practice, struggle and SUCCEED to paint beautiful and realistic rocks.  Remember I would love to hear from you.

Here is a couple of early examples to show just how much I need to learn:

As you can see, my rocks are uniform and lack shape and color variation.  They appear to be very smooth and rounded like the whole earth was made of polished river rock.  I certainly have my work cut out for me and since I am publicly discussing my deficiency, I would like to also publicly critique my successes.  Stay tuned as I "LEARN TO PAINT ROCKS!"

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