Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

This week I was completely blown away by my oldest son's political drawing and all of the issues he has so accurately addressed in this sketch.  From a technical standpoint he has done an amazing job even down to the headlines on the newspapers.  Look you can even read the title "The New York Times." Mitt Romney's discouraged look is obviously the center focus of this sketch.

A large portion of this nation feels that same way.  I believe Jared did an excellent job of capturing that emotion that many of us may feel as the nation we love seems to be headed to a uncertain future of debt, defeat and the diminish.  

No matter your political view, the artistic skill displayed here can't be denied.  I immediately shared this photo on my facebook wall so that my friends could also see his work. As a parent I felt pride that two of my son's appear to have inherited some of my artistic genes.  You would have to ask Jared about that because he is also a microbiologist and REALLY understands how all that DNA stuff works.  I did have to chuckle when my one friend replied on facebook by saying, "The nut doesn't fall far from the tree."  Wait a minute! Do you think she is calling me a NUT?

Sketch done by Dr. Jared Townsend (my son)


  1. Thanks mom! Glad you appreciated it. Just to add to your review, did you notice the outline of Lybia underneath Obama with the star referencing Benghazi and the 4 crosses symbolizing the Americans who lost their lives their? All of this overshadowed by the excitement and jubilation of the Obamanomaly.

    1. I did realize your symbolism there. Very insightful. I really love your work "Obamanomaly" That is GREAT!