Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's not and Emmy or and Oscar...It's PAHRANAGAT MAN!

My "Pahranagat Man" trophy-based of local petroglyphs 

Last Thursday I loaded my car with art work and my artist friends and we headed north of Las Vegas 149 miles to the little Nevada town of Caliente for their 45th annual Memorial Day Art Show.  Now I'm probably one of the few people on the planet (besides the residence) that would consider Caliente a destination but I have always loved this little town so add an art show and you would have to chain me down to keep me away!  Reality though prevented me from driving back during the actual show so yesterday I drove back just to retrieve the artwork.

 I was completely in shock as I arrived and the historic train depot in Caliente, Nevada to find that not only had my painting "Casting Out the Darkness" won 1st place in the Acrylic category, but that my piece that I titled "Autumn Gold" won first place in the "Peoples Choice" category.  This designation got me a BIG fatty blue ribbon and a one of a kind unique trophy featuring none other than "PAHRANAGAT" man holding a palette and a paintbrush.    Its a 25 pound hunk of junk welded together to form a unique work of art or as my husband says a "Home Defense Weapon."

In reflection this morning this honor of "People's Choice" is better than any "Best of Show" or cash prize (Of course that would have been really amazing) but to have my work selected by the public is SO much better than the opinion of 1 judge.  The public is who we really paint for and this past weekend the public spoke and I'm blown away by the experience.  Believe me when I say that Pahranagat man is going to find a prominent place in my home!
Standing with my piece that was awarded the First Place People's Choice ribbon.

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