Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's my Name?

This beautiful Sunday morning is starting out in my usual way; a cup of awesome McDonald coffee and free wi-fi.  So far, there are no screaming kids on the playground so for a few more minutes I am enjoying the solitude of my morning devotions and my blogging thoughts.

I'm considering my newest painting this morning.  It has taken several days, but I feel that I am almost at that completion point.  For me this is often an awkward time because for this piece I haven't yet come up with a name.  Just as a parent is faced with the awesome responsibility of naming their children, so is an artist with coming up with a title for each and every piece of work.  Once you have a name attached it is no longer the "WIP" (work in progress).

I started this piece about three days ago as just a retouch of an older sunset piece that I thought needed a bit more color.  I had just seen a sunset sky photograph that showed brilliant colors and using that as my inspiration, very soon it was obvious that my retouch turned into a complete REDO.

 Color isn't the only transformation that this painting went through.   As a matter of fact, yesterday I even changed the time of day from sunset to sunrise because I decided the top canvas blue is so dark that it really must be a sunrise breaking, forth casting out the darkness.  "Casting out the Darkness" might be a good name for this piece or perhaps "Breaking Dawn" or "A Blaze in His Glory".  One thing I know, is that a name is very important and this one has to have a strong name to match the strong colors used in this 24 x 24 piece.


  1. "Awakening". It is truly beautiful.

  2. Thank you "Art Enthusiast" for your enthusiasm for my painting and the positive name surrgestion. I think at this point I have decided to call it "Casting Out The Darkness".