Sunday, April 28, 2013

Selling Art Out of My Trunk

Selling my art is something that I have not yet gained much experience at.  Yesterday my experienced selling my first commission piece struck me just a bit on the funny side. It has been my experience that strangers selling things out of the truck of their car in public parking lots are usually up to NO GOOD.  You should be wary no matter how good the deal seems but here I was, meeting two strange guys in the parking lot of the local Hobby Lobby while I was out prom dress shopping for my niece.  The exchange of cash for my painting was to take place at noon. The whole transaction felt a bit strange but all went well.  They loved my piece that I called "Trail of Dreams" and I loved that I had sold another painting this year.

Hey Kid!  Come here!  You want to buy some art?

24 x 36 "Trail of Dreams"- SOLD

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