Thursday, April 11, 2013

NetWORKing is a lot Like WORK

I think every successful artist will tell you that at the beginning of your journey you have to work hard networking. Networking with other artists, potential customers and collectors. I would wager that almost all successful artists will tell  you a number of stories that include their days working the art show circuit.

So this past weekend I did my duty by sitting in a booth covered with my beloved artwork and surrounded by my artist friends. I didn't sell anything but then neither did many other very talented artists so I'm not discouraged. As a matter of fact, this month I have made the investment in grid display panels so that I could professionally display my artwork at future shows. I just have to remember that perhaps one of those many business cards I pass out and every conversation I have about places in Nevada that have inspired me to paint will someday result in a possible sale.

This economy makes it very difficult to sell your work and it is nearly impossible if you are only sitting in your studio at home. It takes constant work keeping yourself in the public eye by showing your work on the internet, in co-op galleries and yes, even at art shows. So today get up and talk to someone about your art and don't forget to pass out your business card.

Artists Jan Arduini, Lily Adamczyk and myself

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