Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Art With What You Got

This past weekend, I got the privilege of taking a road trip to Reno, Nevada to celebrate the first birthday of my beautiful granddaughter.  The drive takes a solid 7 hours and that is if you only stop once for a quick purge and fill up.  This trip was unusual because we were stuffed to the trunk hinges with all the necessities to stay a few days for the 5 of us.  The only thing is, when one of those five is only 10 months old, then the amount of luggage and baggage is multiplied exponentially.  That was the case this weekend, but I managed to squeeze amongst the diapers, toys and high chair a sketch pad and my sketch box.  It might not be oils and a canvas but you do art with what you got.

I found a few peaceful hours to complete this little sketch of a Navajo girl from an old photo.  I like how she has turned and I think the next thing for me to do is to head down to the Hobby Lobby for a mat and frame.
Navajo Girl (At' eed)-  8x10 Graphite and Pen sketch

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