Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nothing Like Gold in the Pouch and a Lick on the Chin!

"The Big Pay Out"- 12x16 oil
Finally I am bringing my old prospector painting to a solid conclusion. This is my third painting in my series Old Prospectors. There might be a few slight changes but it is pretty much finished and I'm ready to move to my next creation.  This piece has been a challenge for a number of reasons- 1. The face is larger than any face I have painted up to this point, 2.  Hands are tricky and it was difficult to find reference material to use and finally, 3. I've never painted a dog so again finding the right reference material was a challenge.

I've decided to title this on "The Big Pay Out".  Not only has the old guy been successful finding enough gold to fill up his little leather bag he coutches tightly but his excitement is being met with loving devotion by a face full of kisses by his little companion.  He is one of the lucky ones as most left empty handed. 

 "The Big Pay Out" will very soon be available on my website at julietownsendstudio.com and prints will also be available there if you are interested.

"Taking a Break"- 18x24 Oil

"Just One More Pan"- 16x20 Oil

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