Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Paint the CUTENESS Factor

Holidays equal decorations, family, good food and lots of laughs for most.  If you're an artist then the "DECORATIONS" parts can make your skills in great demand.  This year I found that out first hand.  As Thanksgiving approached I thought it would be fun to make my own table decoration as a memory keepsake.  It turned out so cute that I then decided the thing to do was make one for each of my kids that would be in attendance so that they had a cute keepsake too.  I decided as long as I was painting all these turkeys that I should also include one for my married niece that was going to be there.  Six turkeys and hours of painting later I was pretty happy with the end results.  I probably painted for 10 hours on this project and not to mention the hours my husband spent cutting and sanding all the pieces.  Thanksgiving was a success at the Townsend house and everyone loved their personalized decoration.

Thankful Turkey- Personalized table decoration- hand cut and painted ($45?)

One holiday down and Christmas is just weeks away.  I put away the bottles of brown and orange paints and immediately began digging for those reds and greens because once again my new life as an artist is being called into duty.  My dear friend teaches 2nd grade at a local Christian school and they have an event called Christmas Around the World.  This year her country to represent is Denmark and so to decorate the booth she wanted a large replica of an old Danish Christmas stamp.  The paper she provided measure about 4x5 feet so I had my work cut out for me.  I gridded out my banner and got to sketching.  The lettering was the most difficult part but I was pretty happy with my end results.  My niece Laura was even able to grab a brush and help with some of the painting.  Here we are standing in front of the newly created masterpiece.  

Now I am visualizing painting another holiday banner but this time painting it on canvas so it will last from year to year.  I really like how festive it looks on my wall next to my Christmas tree.  

Who knows there may be a market for this that I should explore for next year because I received a lot of positive feedback on both of my holiday creations. I can see making something that is actually treasured and has many memories attached that can be kept year after year and then passed down to the next generation.   I might just start by adding a new holiday tab to my website to feature personalized holiday keepsakes and work up some designs.  What do you think?

Christmas Banner- Wall size hand painted on cloth with your chose of Christmas designs and personalized for your family- ($150?)

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