Sunday, July 27, 2014

Making a Mark

I was stuck by that simple phrase yesterday- "Making a Mark".  What a great title for my journals and so I'm going to be working to add a tab on my website that showcases my journal entries and hopefully I can inspire others to grab a pencil or pen and join me in creating their own artist journal.

Yesterday, was a stressful and not very productive day for me.  I haven't painted anything for almost a week now and my studio is still in disarray from our long vacation.  So many things need to be put away and organized first.  I find that it is hard to be creative in the middle of a mess.  So distracted and disorientated, I chose to retreat to my journal and try to record my feelings instead.  

I have to say that I am having fun drawing simple cartoonish drawings that tell a story rather than focus on skill.  When I am done drawing, my spirits are lifted and I almost always feel like smiling.  

If you are interested in viewing my serious artwork, you can check my website out at  

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