Saturday, November 7, 2015

Don't Call Me Cheap..I'm a FRUGAL Artist

Getting Ready to Change the Paper in my Masterson Palette. 

Wow!  I know what you're thinking and I just want to say, "Don't judge me."  Just look at that messy bunch of dried paint!  I think it is most definitely time to lay out some new colors.  As you know, if you have followed me for any amount of time,  my favorite medium is Acrylic and the palette is really important because of how quickly the paints dry out.  The reality is that paint is expensive and so I try to be frugal and not to waste paint if possible.  I use my Masterson Sta-Wet Palette (12x16) but rather than purchasing the special palette paper inserts, I choose to use Reynolds Freezer Paper.  I can get a large box that is 33 1/3 yards x 18 inches at Walmart for $6.17.  I think that is a good value because this box will last me at least 6 months but being the accountant that I am I decided to do a cost comparison to make sure that it was worth my time to tear my own sheets out rather than having them prepared for me.  I go through a lot of paper especially when I'm teaching students.

(You can skip this part if you're not a number cruncher like meSo 33 1/3 yards = 100 feet x 12 inches = 1200 inches of length.   If each of my inserts are torn at approximately 15 inches that 1200/15= 80 sheets.  That equals $0.07 cents a sheets.  Now at Jerry's ArtArama I can purchase a package of 30 sheets for $7.19 or $.24 cents a sheet.  That is a pretty good difference and now I'm sure that I can cut my own for a 70% savings.)

The paper is wax coated on one side and that is the side that I lay out my paints on.  I have a wet sponge underneath and I often leave a wet paper towels inside for added moisture.   These paints will stay usable for several days and that is pretty good for acrylics.  The paper eventually will break down some and begin to tear or disintegrate, but usually I have to change it before that because I've run out of clean mixing surface, just as you can see that I have done here by evidenced in this picture.  

I would love to hear from you if you have found a practical solution that you really like and that you use as part of your painting process from things you can find outside of the art supply store.  I will share some of your responses on future blog posts so that we all can become more cheap....I mean FRUGAL artists.  

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