Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Practical Side of Cowbell Ownership

"A COWbell's not a COWbell 'til you ring it, A song's not a song 'til you sing it, Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, Love isn't love 'til you give it away!" Oscar Hammerstein II

Okay...I will admit it, I added the word COW but it fits and it was just too great of a temptation not to post it. LOL!


Every time my husband goes to the store that is my cowbell supplier and clears out all their in stock inventory of cowbells from the store shelf,  the cashier will often ask him, "What are you doing with all these cowbells?"  His reply is always the same, "An Early Warning Home Defense System."  I was giving that some thought and found out that perhaps that might not be such a bad idea.   Apparently I'm not the only one that has considered it, because here I find an online article for a Home Security System that uses Cowbells and nylon string or fishing line to alert you if there is a gate opened or an unwanted visitor that decides to climb over your fence.  Here in my neighborhood, a good defense system is always a good idea and what a unique and pretty defense system my cowbells would make for any home.  

Well today while reading my Facebook comments I found a collector using my cowbells perhaps not to protect her own property as she is the lives of some neighboring squirrels. I just had to share this story.   According to Karla, they make effective Squirrel Life Saver Distraction Devices.  I guess "to each their own" and whatever "Rings your COWBELL."

Karla writes, "Always thinking of this skit (More Cowbell SNL skit with Christopher Walken) and song when gazing into my beautiful cowbells! I LOVE them all! You ROCK my artist friend, I treasure these so much, some day I will share my story of how I deter the "demented man across the street from shooting my beloved neighborhood squirrels, he doesn't like noise and I don't like the fact that he shoots them for sport and blatantly lets his dog EAT them!!! Dead or injured.....nothing I can do legally, we are out of the city limits and it isn't illegal to kill them as they are rodents........However, to train your dog to track them in the trees, bark until the owner knows it is cornered, and then come out of the house long enough to shoot it, is wrong to me!! So when I hear the dog bark, I grab 2 of my bells, I watch and wait, when he comes out of the house points his gun up in the air? I ring those bells as HARD and as LONG as I can until he's so frustrated he gives up and goes back in his house! Giving the squirrels a fighting chance with the power of MORE COWBELL!!! True story ! The squirrels and I thank you Julie😇"

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