Thursday, April 20, 2017


This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Clark County Fair and Rodeo.  My favorite part of the fair of course is checking out the art exhibits but I really enjoyed my time walking through the small animal exhibits. 
The exhibit hall is a bit smelly, dusty and noisy but there is so much to see.  There were baby pigs and goats that were only 2 days old. There were loud crowing roosters and fancy chickens in all colors and sizes.  There was plenty to look at as I enjoyed strolled through each isle. 

One particular cage made me stop in shock!  Inside was the biggest rabbit I had ever seen. The cage label said he was a "Flemish Giant" and that was NO exaggeration. This bunny was HUGE! I just shook my head as I tried to imagine the havoc those giant incisors could wreak on any garden, flower bed, fruit trees or backyard vegetation. This guy could easily reach anything growing up to 3 feet or more off the ground with little effort.
This photo isn't my photo and it isn't the actual rabbit that I saw at the fair, but he looked just like this all stretched out in his cage. This would be TOO much bunny for me! I will just have to enjoy my little fluffy friends drawn on paper.

Not my photo- just one borrowed off the Internet to show what a Flemish Giant looks like

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