Friday, November 17, 2017

A Blogger Slump

I can not believe that I have gone since October 25th to now and not one post here on my blog.  That is about the time I noticed that something changed at my favorite morning coffee and blogging spot...McDonalds.  I just love their coffee and I take about an hour to catch up on my social media marketing and start a new blog post.  I often get the rough draft of the blog finished there and then come home and make it “pretty”.

I have no problem with the WiFi log in but I did notice that my Bluetooth keyboard stopped working.  It is several years old so I decided it probably had just died and that I needed a new one.  I found a really good deal on Amazon and ordered a new pretty keyboard for under $16.  The first keyboard arrived didn’t seem to want to sync up so I ordered a second one and returned the first one.  All that new keyboard was working great....UNTIL I TRIED TO USE IT AT McDONALDS!  I mean my iPad knows it is there because the on screen keyboard won’t come on if the keyboard is turned on.  Also the “lock” key will work and shut the iPad off.  I just can't type on it.  Technology is such a fickle beast.  Any one have suggestions on what I can do to unblock whatever it is that is interfering with my bluetooth keyboard I would love to hear from you.

This has really thrown me into a Blogging slump.  So here I set at 4:16 pm on a Thursday afternoon trying to claw my way out of this dark blogging hole and produce something that I can publish that is semi-coherent.  I may have my goals set a wee bit high today.

My Artist Friend , Jan Harris Arduini
The past 2.5 weeks has also been a very difficult one on me as I have lost a dear artist friend and co-gallery director on October 30th and I’m still trying to grasp that reality.  There is a journey one must go through to turn grief into a creative emotional expression.  I’m not there yet.  Oh, I’ve created a few things, mostly out of necessity, but as I sit here in my studio, I realize that I haven’t actually cried this week about losing her.  I know that it takes time but I know that urge to pick back up those brushes will return and if God sees fit to give me breath in the year to come, I am determined in 2018 to create so much art it will make your head spin.

Let me quickly show you a few art highlights from the past couple weeks and then I think I will call this blog done.

The first weekend of November I was out bright and early at the park in Boulder City.  This would be the maiden voyage for my tent as I purchased it several years ago but hadn't actually taken it out of it's bag until now.  These new card display racks Brad made from repurposed drawers worked great.  There was always someone looking through them.

Card Display Racks 

My Half of the ten set up and waiting for the crowds


November is also the birthday month of two grandsons.  I've tried now for several years to create a special piece for each of them for their birthday.  Noah likes Minecraft so I decided use that as a theme and I even had the piece blown up into a 16 x 20 poster.  He loved it. 

Hunter is turning 1 and loves Mickey Mouse Club House so I created this piece especially for him holding his toy elephant.