Wednesday, January 24, 2018

From Sketchbook to SALES

Scan from my Sketchbook

You are such a swine....but you are just adorable.  I couldn’t resist sharing with you this morning a sketch I did on Monday in my sketchbook.  It just turned out really sweet and I can’t wait to see how far this little guy will go.  Yesterday I started an 11 x 14 painting of this composition and we shall see if my brushes can reproduce what my colored pencils did.   I have a strong feeling that this guy will be among my original art that will be on exhibition at the Boulder City Art Gallery in March for my solo show that I'm calling "Dare You Not to Smile".  I'm guessing you can tell why I would include my little friend. 

Yesterday, I spent a little time working on the image in Photoshop and decided this was the image I thought would make the best prints and greeting cards.  The original matted sketch is for sale but it is the selling of cards and prints that really are the main revenue generators for me.  My goal is that by the end of the week this image will be available on my Etsy Shop and at both the local galleries in the form of greeting cards, magnets and matted prints.

Here is my sketch with a little Photoshop editing.  

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shake Off Those Winter Blues

“No Winter Lasts Forever.  No Spring Skips its Turn.” (Hal Borland)  As this week brought a cold wind from the north that blew across the valley, just saying the word "Spring" brings warmth to my bones and hope of new creations.  I may just be writing this blog post while wearing my heaviest winter coat but I can’t help but feel the stir that a new year brings to ones creative juices and fills the palate with warm and bright colors.  Rest has finally brought an end to the exhaustion of the holidays and my attention can once again can be focused in the direction of the studio.  There are canvases to paint and sketchbooks to fill.

I'm shaking off the distractions of 2017 and finally emerging from the season of sneezing and sniffles to starting out 2018 with a breath of fresh air and the beginnings of my new spring collection. I just couldn’t wait to show you what I have been working on.

My first task at hand is to get a number of new pieces ready that I can showcase in March for my solo show that I am calling "Dare You Not to Smile".  This show will be on exhibit for the entire month at the Boulder City Art Gallery.  As the title of the show suggestion, I am looking to create more pieces that are whimsical, colorful and humorous in nature.  I'm sure you will not want to miss it if you are anywhere in the area.   As soon as I have my reception date worked out I will be sure and share more on all my social media channels.  You can follow me @JulieTownsendStudio on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep informed as to where my art can be seen on exhibit.


The last piece of news I wanted to share was something that I'm pretty excited about.  I am hopeful that with just a small investment this will prove to be a solid move for getting my name out there in the Las Vegas art community for 2018.  Here is a 1/4 page write up on the Art House LV Gallery, myself and three other gallery artists that was published a few weeks ago in the winter edition of Artisan Magazine.  I thought it turned out rather well and so I thought I would share the link with you if you wanted to check out the whole 2 page spread.  I'm on page 18.  Winter edition "Artisan Magazine"