Sunday, March 18, 2018

FREE and Just In Time for EASTER

I know that I am just a little bit excited about my newest Etsy Listing that I'm calling a Funny, Punny Bunny bookmark! I mean this week alone I have sold a total of 58 bookmarks in my sheep and cow design and that just blows me away. I purchased a new Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator, a Fiskars 12 Surecut Deluxe Paper Trimmer , and 4.5 x6.5 (5 mil) lamination pouches that are just perfect for this job.

In fact, I am so excited about bookmarks right now that I decided I was going to give a few away for free. All you have to do is follow the link to my Etsy Shop for this listing that I have linked below, favorite my shop and leave me a comment about seeing this on my blog on or before 4/1/18. That is all you have to do to be included in the drawing to receive a free bookmark. Now that wasn't so hard and in perfect time for Easter!

Funny Punny Bunny Boomarks

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Off to a New Home

I enjoy very much creating new art but I think I love it even more when I sell a piece.  This Mt. Rose inspired painting the I called "Along the Mountain Trail" found a new home and where better than in Reno, Nevada.  

Today was the day that I boxed her up and shipped her off.  The couple that purchased the piece sound delightful and so I have confidence they will appreciate my work for years to come.  That makes me happy.  Now if only it makes the 430 mile journey unscathed.  

Taken just this morning in my front yard

I purchased a mirror box from U-Haul for $4.60 to use as the shipping container.  We purchase a 4' x 8' (1") thick styrofoam insulation and cut it to the 24 x 36" canvas size.  I also put a sheet of cardboard over the back side of the canvas as added protection.  The painting is framed in a small 2" wooden frame which I hope will also offer protection.  Still I worry that if hundreds of pounds were placed on to she might have some damage.  I purchased $500 worth of insurance as a safeguard in the event of the worst case scenario.  Now all there is to do is wait and worry until I receive word that my baby has arrived safe and sound.

Finished back in late 2015
Here is a picture taken in 2015 when I first finished the painting.  I still really like how this one turned out.  I made the decision to paint the canvas vertical so that I could give steepness to the trail and height to the trees.  I especially like the two orange scrubs in the foreground.  One is in the shadow and the other has spots of bright sunlight illuminating the leaves to resemble fire.  There is a lot of depth and light and dark contrast here and that is what I think makes the piece stand out.  

It has been sometime since I painted a landscape piece and after today I'm just dying to start one.  First, I have to catch up on bookkeeping and taxes before I can get to any real painting.  


Thursday, March 8, 2018

You Can Never be Thankful Enough

Today,  I saw a meme while surfing through my social media accounts and of course that is a really common occurrence these days.  It seems this small little phrases on colorful backgrounds are everywhere.  There are a few I am compelled to share but most I just scroll on by barely reading them.  This meme though was different and made me stop and think.   

Sometimes we can just cruise through the day and really not take the time to stop and consider our blessings.  I know I am guilty of that very thing more often than not.  Help me Lord to be truly THANKFUL for all of my blessing.  

Wow...segueing this blog about being Thankful into my new "Country Thank You Stickers" is proving to be harder than I had first imagined.  I guess I will just abruptly change focus and just plow right into introducing my newest Etsy Shop listing. So Being Thankful and Thank You stickers...You can see the connection, Right?

I started out making my own thank you stickers that feature my artwork as a way to add that personal last touch to each of my Etsy Orders.  I place this sticker on the back of each envelop as I am ready to ship them out.  I think it would make me happy to see this cheerful sticker in my mailbox even though I haven't received any feedback specifically from my customers about these stickers.  I just hope it makes my shop stand out in their minds. 

Yesterday, I took the time to revisit this file and make some adjustments.  I wanted to include my cute Stacked Sheep design as I had just finished packaging up a nice bulk order I received this week for 50 sheep bookmarks from a sheep breeder in Texas.  I also decided to create a special "Thank You" card that I could include in some of my orders. 

These stickers I believe to be cute enough that I decided to make them a digital listing on my shop.  For just a small download fee of $1.95 you can print out these stickers as often as you like to decorate your own correspondence or just to let somebody know they are a blessing to you.  You can see just how cute they are on some of my actual orders as I am preparing to get them ready for shipping.  Here is the link to my Etsy Shop if you interested in purchasing this downloadable file.  Thank you stickers on my Etsy Shop