Monday, July 5, 2021

3 Etsy Shops- Am I CRAZY?

Sometimes, I wonder that myself,  because keeping up with all 3 Etsy Shops consumes a great deal of my energies.  There is a thought and some logic behind this madness.  Well, at least that is what I've told myself.  I thought I would just explain what each shop is about.  I know that there might be some confusion since I have moved a number of items from my main shop over to the TOWNCOSTUDIOS shop.  Let me just take a moment and clear it all up for you.


My first and main shop was created way back in 2010 but I had no clue what I was doing with my art back then, and didn't get serious about Etsy until the first of 2016.  My very first sale was a little 4 x 6" chickadee print in March of 2016. I also had my first commission drawing that year sold through my shop.   I continued to sell a number of small prints and stickers in 2017.  Sales really took off for me in March of 2020 when I started creating my "Wash Tub Series".  My Facebook followers really grew that year too and that has helped with many of my sales.  Now I'm almost ready to hit the 1000 sale mark with 997 total sales showing today.  

I have poured myself into this shop and work hard every day to build it up.  It features all my art prints, cards, magnets, stickers and so much more.  Anything that I print myself or ship out of my studio is listed on this shop.  I have worked hard to create a special brand that reflects my personal touch.  I make my own wrapping paper, free thank you gifts and the cute little pig and cow confetti that I sprinkle in each order.  My love and DNA is all over these items!  LOL!


The second shop, I opened in February of 2020 and it was supposed to be a joint venture with my son but that didn't really pan out like I hoped it would.  I've just recently gotten a clear vision of what I want the shop to be.  The shop motto is "Faith, Family and Farm Art to Make You Smile" and is mostly an extension of my first shop. There is a lot of my own artwork here but it isn't limited by that.  I have lots of graphics, quotes and mottos and font art here as well.

I wanted a shop that would provide complete passive income and so I've recently done a lot of rearranging of these two shops.  All my outsourced printed gift items, such as coffee mugs, mousepads and such are all listed on this shop. I also have lots of downloadable art that you can print out for yourself.   The whole idea behind this shop is that when we are traveling in the camper with no WIFI or on vacation and my printer is at home, the shop can continue to generate income because all the listings are either processed through dropship or are downloadable.  It's a great idea and I'm working hard to see that come to fruition. 

Dusty Boot Finds- Etsy  (VINTAGE ITEMS)

This final shop was opened in July of 2020 and is now at 50 sales. I am pleased as punch with how this shop is going.   Nothing listed here is handmade, rather there is an assortment of vintage items that we have collected over the years that I decided that I needed an outlet to sell them. Mostly things we have collected that are just lying around here collecting dust. I raided my jewelry box, the garage, the bookshelves and we have even picked up little things out in the desert.  Hence, the name DUSTY BOOT FINDS.  It has worked rather well over this past year.  I have a dedicated shelf in my inventory room where I house all the listings in numbered bins.  The hardest part is finding the time to create a new listing from the piles of items I have gathered up that I want to add to the shop.