Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What Country Kitchen is Without a Cast Iron Frying Pan?

I'm so excited about this new studio product that I am now offering.  Well, it's not exactly new I did paint a few last year but I feel that I have now brought it to it's full potential.

What is this "thing" that I am referring to?  My CAST IRON SKILLET ART of course.  A small piece of artwork, framed in a real 6.5 inch cast iron skillet.  It makes the perfect addition to any Farmhouse kitchen and now you can change out the artwork for the seasons or just to fit your mood. I even had recorded my first Studio Youtube video about them.   I told you I was excited.

Here is a quick snap shot of all the artwork I have painted in the past 2 weeks to go along with my skillet art.  I will be taking these all to the Pomegranate Festival in Logandale, Nevada on Nov 1st and 2nd.  I'm hopeful that these will turn out to be as popular as my cowbells.  

After the festival is over,  I will be adding both my available cowbells and skillets to my Website and Etsy Shops so that you can browse through the selection in plenty of time for your holiday shopping.

Farmhouse Art, Farm Art, Julie Townsend Studio
Here is the WHOLE BARNYARD FAMILY of skillet art pieces

Farmhouse Art, Farm Art, Julie Townsend Studio, Sheep, Pigs, Cows
Skillet art featuring sheep, cows and a pig

Farmhouse Art, Farm Art, Julie Townsend Studio, Goat Art, Cowbells
Goat Cowbell and Skillets

Farmhouse Art, Farm Art, Julie Townsend Studio, Cardinals, Cowbells
Cardinals galore- both cowbells and skillet art

Friday, October 18, 2019


If you are part of the art community, you are probably aware of an phenomenon referred to as "INKTOBER".  This is a month long drawing challenge started in 2009 by artist Jake Parker to challenge himself and improve his skills as an artist. There are 31 prompt words for you to use to guide you through the month.   I personally haven't participated in past years but have always wanted to.

This year I picked up my pens and my sketchbook and decided to give it a shot. Day 18 and I'm glad I did.  From the beginning, I decided that each of my drawings would feature a little mouse. This will help me on my quest to develop a little illustrated character that I can draw into little adventures and build an audience with.  Inktober is going to be GREAT practice for me to achieve that goal.

I thought I would just share a few of my favorite drawings so far this month.

Day 1- Prompt word- RING

Day 2- Prompt word- MINDLESS
Day 7- Enchanted

Day 10- Pattern

Day 15- Legend

Day 16- Wild