Friday, June 26, 2015


This is me and my EXCITED face!  I was thrilled to find that my piece called "Edge of the Herd" took first place in the acrylic category at the Helldorado Art Show this past weekend.  This is a really nice western themed show that I have participated in for the past several years.  I just didn't think this small piece would receive any type of singling out or I would have done something with my hair!   

"Edge of the Herd" 1st place winner in the Acrylic category

To even add to my surprise, my entry called "Stories Around the Fire" also took second place.  I'm just tickled pink here.

"Stories Around the Fire" awarded 2nd place in the Acrylic category


I'm finding a great deal of satisfaction in sharing my art with a younger generation in the form of weekly lessons.  I'm always a little nervous before they come but once we get painting that hour just flies by.  Here is a little glimpse at my home studio and the space I have designated for students. I took this photo just last week of the brother and sister students that I have intently working on painting the details on their pink zinnias.  

I was once told by a veteran artist that you really learn a great deal about your own art work, style and technique when you take that step and begin teaching.  So not only are these kids learning from me, but they are teaching me and improving my skills at the same time.   A BONUS- Weekly lessons also keeps me motivated to keep my studio space clean and organized!  

My students painting chickadees and zinnias.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Western Themed Art

My Newest Western Themed Pieces

Light'em Up- 12x12 Acrylic

This is a fun action filled piece inspired by a photo I saw shared by my artist friend who is the real life Marshall of Dodge City, Kansas.  There is just something about this red headed cowgirl, sitting high in the saddle,  reigns clutched in her teeth, six-shooters blazing that draws you into action of the scene.

It reminds me of the thrilling feeling I would get as a child when the beautiful and athletic cowgirls would fly past me with the American Flag flying proudly behind them and their strong horses kicking up the rodeo arena dirt with their powerful hoofs  as they circle the arena.  An exciting display in preparation for the singing of the National Anthem to soon follow.  Every summer this would be my memory as we would always travel to see the rodeo in Coffeyville, Kansas where my Uncle Dick Diveley would always sing the National Anthem.  To me that made him something of a celebrity in my young eyes!

"Edge of the Herd"- 10x20 Acrylic

The American Bison has always held a fascination for me.  I recall as a small child that as we traveled the 50 miles to my grandmother's house in Swedeborg, Missouri, we would pass a large property where  several of large beasts could often be seen from roadway.  

I was also raised on stories of my father's past professional rodeo days when he hung around with Buddy Heaton and his famous buffalo Grunter.  Several old newspaper clippings of my dad riding a buffalo during a rodeo event cover pages in the family album.  So for pretty much as long as I can remember, buffalo have been of real interest to me.  

This past summer I got to enjoy a close up encouter with a very large herd of buffalo we got to see while traveling near Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I have for some time wanted to paint a scene that reflects this American Treasure.  "Edge of the Herd" is the result of that experience

"Stories Around the Fire"- 16x20 Acrylic
There is just something about sitting around a nice fire with friends and a hot cup of coffee and with this piece I wanted to bring you along and stir up memories of your own campfire experiences.

I wanted this piece to portray the rendezvous of an old mountain man and his two cowboy companions.  You can see that the old man is sharing a story as his two companions listen intently. One sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee while the other cowboy holds a stick to poke the fire.   One look at this scene and you know that this old timer must have accumulated enough stories that he could easily keep you up all night listening to his adventures.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Art is a Family Affair

Being an artist is for me very much a family affair.  I'm so blessed to have the support of my husband and children with making my dreams a reality.  I couldn't do this without them.  My husband follows me to galleries and artshows, helping pack and unpack the truck, hang artwork or make a frame if I need with very little complaining.  

My children endure a constant barrage of photographs sent to their cell phones of my newest works in all steps of completion and are always my most energetic cheerleaders.  My adorable grandchildren actually have no memory of a time when grandma didn't paint and there wasn't a "STUDIO" in my home.  I LOVE IT!  Here is one of them modeling my most recent masterpiece!  This little guy would make any artwork look good.  I love that he comes into the studio and picks up a dry brush and pretends he is painting chickadees with grandma.  I can't wait to be able to give them painting lessons and spark that creativeness that I know is there.