Monday, September 3, 2018

Exploring Between the Cowbells

Every day or so, I have to take a break from cowbells and painting to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.  Well, I might have to reclassify the air quality, as we found each trip north of Ely that we took to be increasingly smokey.  There is a wild fire burning at Goshute Cave that has of last report consumed 6500 acres of forest and is only 10% contained.  That is just a couple mountains over from where we spent our days exploring. 

We found a wonderful little mountain pass near the ghost town of Cherry Creek called Egan Creek.  A very interesting drive littered with remnants of long past mining activity and whose only current residents are a number of open range cows.  I had to of course stop and take pictures of the cows.  They were so curious and all still had their horns.  There was a particular roan colored cow and her calf that I really loved to see.   I may just have to paint her.

As we drove around, we came across a giant pile of slate.  You could see where they were mining it from both sides of the road and had pushed all the little pieces into huge piles to get them out of their way.

I picked up a number of pieces and brought them back to the camper to try painting on them.  Here are 2 pieces I have finished so far. I think I will attach a hook to the back and put a varnish coat on them and see if they will sell as small wall art.  What do you think?  I love creating art on this sort of surface.  It is always a challenge to incorporate the natural beauty of the stone into the art.  Really, I think I’m just a rockhound at heart.

I will leave you with just couple more interesting photos I was able to take with my phone.  We were treated by a group of wild horses as we drove up Telegraph Pole Canyon Road, antelope and deer and the Fort Pierce Cemetery.  All of this is also part of the historic Pony Express Route of 1860.  I LOVE Nevada history!