Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blogging about my 2nd favorite subject-COFFEE

This morning I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and looking at this blank blog screen.  I was just considering how drinking McDonalds coffee in the morning is a long standing ritual with me that dates back to the late 90's when my favorite McDonalds handed me one day a little white sticker about 3x3 that might as well been made of 24k gold.  Oh I was there to pick up an order in the drive-thru but they gave me SO much more.  That sticker would soon become a prized possession because it would entitle me to to a free large cup of coffee (no purchase necessary) each and everytime I passed through the drive thru.

It didn't take long after sampling this free gift that the addicting effects of the caffeine took hold of my heart and my head.  Soon I was waking up each morning and yearning to partake in my morning beverage.  This habit deeply rooted went on for over a year when like the cliche, "all good things must come to an end" when on one hot summer evening my world was rocked as I became the victim of auto theft.  When I got that phone call from my son informing me that my car had been stolen out of the Office Max parking lot my first thought was "Oh NO!  My drive thru club sticker."  My second thought was of the old west and how horse theives (the ancestors of the modern car thief) were strung up on the nearest tree and I had an momentary urge to be transported back 100 years.

Long story short, my 89 Toyota Camry was recovered a month later and my drive thru club sticker was still clinging to the windshield.  When that McDonalds management finally stopped honoring my little sticker I was hopelessly addicted to their product and have purchased a cup nearly every morning since then.  My perfect vacation spot is when I realize that there is a McDonalds within walking distance of the hotel. I almost think Expedia should have that as a useful filter option along with price and stars they should include "the distance to the nearest McDonalds" available when sorting out hotels.  Maybe I will contact them next to suggest it to them.

Regardless of what my day will bring this blessed Wednesday morning, it is starting out good as long as my husband will keep my cup refilled in a timely manner.

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