Saturday, August 17, 2013

Maybe I Should Buy a Cowboy Hat

I was browsing Facebook yesterday, an activity that I have a habit of doing maybe more than I should, when I notice an acquaintance of mine had changed her profile picture.  The photo effect applied gave a worn appearance, which I believe is very effective tool when one is wanting to cover up wrinkles and age spots.  This is going to be something I need to remember for any future profile pictures.

What struck me about the photo was how cute she looked with her long flowing red hair sporting a just perfectly worn cowboy hat.  I had a strong and sudden urge to run out and buy myself a cowboy hat. somehow though, I just don't think I could pull that off, so I'll have to settle with my really cute haircut that I got yesterday.

There is just something about venturing out and trying something new when you're 50 something.   There is almost an uncontrollable urge to make some major changes in your routine and maybe that has something to do with the old phrase "Midlife Crisis".  Buying a cowboy hat or just getting a new hair cut probably isn't the signs that a crisis is brewing on the horizon, but I'm way too scared of heights to try sky diving.

My life has had so many changes in the past 9 months that I wake up with my head still spinning.  I really never dreamed that I would find a time in my life when I could both 1. still see the canvas and 2. be able to spend my day applying paint to it.  Yesterday, I was at Hobby Lobby and I actually passed out 3 business cards to the employees that were admiring my recent sketches.  I didn't mention the 27 years I worked as an accountant because that is not who I am anymore.  That transition from Accountant to Artist was formed from personal crisis set in motion mainly by others, but 9 months on the other side, I'm so much better off because I AM AN ARTIST and that thrills me. 

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