Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who knew I needed a Garage to Park my Palette...?

For sometime now I have been thinking how great it would be for me to find a strip of plastic that would allow me to lay out my paints on it that was separate from the area on my palette that I mix my colors. This would allow me to change out the butcher paper without having to lay out new colors or transfer the unused paint to the new surface. It would also be easier to store the paints in the freezer without putting the whole palette in there.

Well low and behold I was looking at a fellow artist Facebook page the other day and noticed that she had her paints clipped to her easel. So on closer examination I knew I had to find out what it was she was using. She shared with me the name of a wonderful product called the Palette Garage. I think it is exactly what I was thinking about and the amazing thing is that your paints will stay fresh at room temperature up to 6 weeks by using a drop of clove oil. Now I'm certain we are talking only about Oil paints but just think how easy that is to grab and store in your painting equipment. Don't have to worry about the paints getting on things. Seems to me to be more handy that the stay-wet palette that I'm trying to use now.

I'm planning on purchasing one in the next few weeks to give it a try and I thought I would share this information to any of my blog readers out there.

Check them out for yourself at:

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