Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Don't Throw Away Your Revenue Potential....Rather Turn it into a THROW PILLOW

"Bluebird and Rose Hips" as a beautiful throw pillow

Did you know that even though you have sold the original artwork, you as the artist still owns the image?  If you don't take the time to get a high resolution photo of the piece, then your revenue potential for all your hard work is over.  For the last three years or so I have made sure that I get a good photo of each piece of original artwork I produce  I can then load it to my website and make it available for purchase there like my own brick and mortar gallery.  I also upload the image to a wonderful site that allows my image to be custom added to a number of items.  This is a wonderful way to continue having a revenue stream.

How many of you have an account with I love this website. This week alone I have sold 1 print and 2 pillows. All I had to do was upload my images over a year a go and after that, they do all the work including mailing me a commission check.
It takes time and no way am I saying you are going to make lots of money but I find it a great way to have my work available to the public so they can order pillows, prints, greeting cards or phone cases. You set the profit you want to make. I include a link button on my website for each of my works that says "PRINTS" that allow anyone interested in my work to go straight over to my Fineartamerica page.
2015 is a great time to make your art promotion a goal. 

Here is my link to one of the pillows I sold this week.  Doesn't this painting as a pillow make a wonderful gift?

Most of my artwork is available at on my website at so click the link and check it out.  

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