Monday, June 27, 2016

Googly Fish Eyes in my Goggles

Today has been a pretty productive day in the art department around here.  Inside my home studio was the place that I spent most of my time today.  I was just itching to start a little 11 x 14 painting of my grandson Jonas wearing these adorable swim goggles.  I worked until the piece was done and it was just in time since the City of the World juried art show titled "H20" deadline for art turn in is tomorrow.  This will be my second entry for this particular water themed event.  I finished a piece last week that I titled "The Swimming Hole" that also features this blonde headed cutie and his older brother Judah.

Lately, I have been trying to write a little children's poem or rhyme to go along with each of my paintings or drawings to add to the story that I'm trying to tell.  In this case, I actually had the poem written first but in both cases, I knew exactly the reference photos I was going to use to create the illustration portion of my literary and artistic duo.  This is my 10th poem I've written so far.  One thing for sure...with such cute grandchildren, I am never at a lack for reference materials.

This painting, "Swim Goggles" will be added to my website within the next few days but if you are interested in seeing my other works, why don't you take a moment and check out my gallery website.  There is quite a collection of artwork there to look at.  Leave me a comment below or send me an email if you have any questions.

If you are in Las Vegas, please stop by City of the World for First Friday and check out my work and the amazing art of about 35 other talented artists.

                                               Swim Goggles
"Swim Goggles"- 11 x 14 original acrylic
Julie Townsend

Fishy, fishy in this brook
Please stop swimming so I can take a look
I want to take a peek at your home below
And these goggles help me see don’t you know
With them I can spend my day
In splashing fun and play
Until my skin is wrinkled and all saggy
And my swim trunks are soaked and all baggy
Seeking out all sorts of lost treasure
Spending time in pretend and fun beyond measure
This vast underwater kingdom is all mine to explore

As long as I don’t get to far from the shore!

Original Reference Photo taken by Jason Townsend Photography

"Swimming Hole"- 18 x 24 original acrylic


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    1. Thanks Kris. I'm glad you like the painting.