Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Remembering the Old Swimming Hole

Swimming Hole- 16 x 24 Acrylic
I have absolutely the fondest summer childhood memories of spending hot afternoons in Missouri playing at the local swimming hole. I had just a few opportunities to swim in a regular swimming pool but I found them to be boring in comparison to the fun there was exploring and enjoying nature that an afternoon at the creek could offer.  You couldn't build dams, forts, hunt frogs or have rock skipping contests at those "Concrete ponds".

My mother would always pack a cooler with cold watermelon, sandwiches, chips and a jug of lemonade.  She would grab the old "River Blanket", air up a couple of old tire inner-tubes that took up the whole trunk and load it all in the Chevy.  She and us three kids would then pile into the car and drive the few miles to our favorite creek so that we could spend the afternoon floating and splashing.

All those memories come flooding back when I see my two beautiful grandsons now enjoying those same childhood pleasures.  I'm so glad they are being raised as "Country Boys".

A couple of weeks ago I actually wrote a small poem called "Swimming Goggles" and knew that I didn't have to look far for the inspiration for the illustration to go with my newest literary masterpiece.  This past week I started working on a painting that is inspired by this amazing photo taken by my son, who is a professional photographer in Leesburg, GA.    I've added a few tweaks here and there but I think I managed to capture their spirit of adventure and childhood innocence in my piece called "Swimming Hole".

Pretty easy to see why I would be inspired by this great shot.

Makes me laugh every time I look at this photo

Swim Goggles
Julie Townsend

Fishy, fishy in this brook
Please stop swimming so I can take a look
I want to take a peek at your home below
And these goggles help me see don’t you know
With them I can spend my day
In splashing fun and play
Until my skin is wrinkled and all saggy
And my swim trunks are soaked and all baggy
Seeking out all sorts of lost treasure
Spending time in pretend and fun beyond measure
This vast underwater kingdom is all mine to explore
As long as I don’t get to far from the shore!

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