Monday, June 6, 2016

Is that a MONKEY on your back?....I mean HEAD!

Sock Monkey Hats are the CUTEST!

Sock Monkey Hat
I had a chance today to enjoy a refreshing trip up into the Spring Mountain Range and travel the road that runs between Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon on Mt. Charleston.  The temperature was a mild 74°F, while down in the Las Vegas Valley the temperature was hoovering near 110°F.  That is quite a difference.

As we descended in altitude I watched as the car temperature gauge just kept climbing.  Oh how I hated to come back into the heat but was thankful for the few hours I had and the opportunity to do some sketching today.  I decided to finish this pencil sketch I did of my grandson several years ago.  I used my color pencils to enhance the drawing.  I'm still considering the fact that I want him to appear under his covers in bed so I think I will cover his shoulders with a blanket.  That might actually be a good project to work on developing my Photoshop skills.
I did decide to add the blanket using colored pencils

I also finished a poem that I started to write the other day to go along with this piece of artwork.  As my usual custom is to share my work here on blog I decided to today that I wouldn't even share it first on Facebook but rather just introduce both here on my blog.  I really would love to receive some comments about what you think and if you would like to look at my other artwork and poems then by all means drop by my website gallery and spend some time poking around.  So here goes.....

Judah, my inspiration

Sock Monkey Hat
Julie Townsend

You are my favorite winter accessory
Nothing comes close to you, yes sirree
You keep my ears so warm and toasty
Stylish, soft and very roasty.
I love my sock monkey stocking cap.
Everything about you makes me a happy little chap
From your giant cheesy red yarn smile
That you can see for nearly a mile
To your black button eyes all aglow
Always keeping me warm against the coldest snow
My scarf and my mittens are by the door in a pile
But I’m so sad when you’re lost for only just a little while
When I’ve brushed my teeth and said my prayers
And I snuggle down deep into my blanket layers
When the lights are turned down low
And the household is quiet and slow
When no one is looking I slip you over my head
Then I can sleep like a baby in my big boy bed.

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