Monday, January 21, 2013

The Greatest Masterpiece

This past few weeks I have given a great deal of consideration to the new pressure I'm now feeling to change my mindset from a life of running a business office that serviced 100+ employees, 700+ students and a congregation of 1200+ attendees to a retired person who wants to see their art appreciated by an ever increasing group of viewers.  The creative pressure to always stay inspired and excited is certainly different from the pressure I had on payroll days or at the end of the year tax document preparation.

For the past month, I have been on the hunt for things that inspire me and yesterday it was a song.  The lyrics from "Mighty to Save" sung by the the group Hillsong just struck a cord in my heart.  When the words of the song came to the phrase,"Author of Salvation"  I couldn't help but meditate all day on the meaning of those 3 words.  It was as if they just jumped out at me.   Jesus not only made the plan for my salvation, He authored it in His blood.  When it came time for me to open my sketchbook, I was moved to attempt to capture my feelings on paper.  Usually it's a landscape that will catch my eye, and while God created more beauty in this world than any of us can fathom, His greatest masterpiece was completed upon two ugly, rough and blood soaked timbers. 

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