Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sketch and Then Sketch Some More

I have always been a doodler...the margins of my note pads have often been filled with little nonsensical drawings, some of them recognizable and many simply shaded forms and scrolls.  I may be sitting still listening to the lecture, sermon or teaching but my pencil is always moving.  Drawing is the first step to improving your painting and really can't be emphasized enough.  I've been cleaning up in the studio today and took out my stack of unused sketchpads from out of the drawer where they are hidden from sight and moved them prominently on the shelf where I will remember to use them.

Tonight, I sat down and began to draw an iguana because I noticed a number of people walking through the gallery made comments about one of the artists work that contain iguanas, lions and horses.  Animals, and yes even reptiles are a favorite subject of many an art observer.  I decided that I'm going to start including some sketches on my gallery wall and see the response that I get.  Below I have added a couple of my pencil and ink creations.   

I had noticed recently a very interesting idea to prepare a small simple sketch of the eye of each member of your household and have it framed together.  I think that was a great idea and one that I want to do for each of my kids.  I could see doing a family nose, lip and ear study also.  This can be added to my long list of art endeavors.  So grab a pencil and piece of paper and draw something! 

Tonight's Iguana Sketch
The shallow edge of the pool at the Super 8 Motel, Santa Clarita California

Study of an Eye

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