Monday, January 7, 2013

Sketching Hummingbirds

Keeping with my 2013 commitment to stay busy sketching if I'm not painting, I started a little hummingbird sketch tonight....

Pen & Marker Sketch in progress


Hummingbirds are the most amazing little creatures and photography is the only real way that you're going to get one to sit still long enough to sketch him.  So I'm using a photo taken by a photographer friend of mine, Doug Beck.  You can see some of his amazing photos at

In the Las Vegas area we are blessed to enjoy 4 species of hummingbirds, and come the cold weather don't think you should take in your hummingbird feeder because 2 of the species stay here year round. Yes, we have backyard entertainment year round here in the Mojave Desert!  Remember one of the best things you can do to paint with skill is to pick up a pencil and practice drawing with skill.  So along with all those other resolutions to loose weight, read your Bible and show kindness- make sure you include a sketchbook in there somewhere.  You will be blessed if you do!

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