Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Starting Out To Be A Busy One

I'm make preparations to hang my artwork on Thursday at the City of the World Gallery.  Lots of little details to get ready but I'm SO excited to see everything framed and hung. 

My new oil paintings all have to be varnished.  I thought that you had to wait about 6 months before applying a coat of varnish to seal the piece but once again I have learned something new from my friend, instructor and accomplished artist, Lily Adamczyk.  She uses a varnish called Gamar made by Gamblin that is sold at Blicks Art Supply.  Making a trip there first thing in the morning.  I was also able to purchase a few more frames at Hobby Lobby and of course that was at their 50% off weekly special.  YES!

Thanks to my son, I've got my new business cards just in the nick of time. I've been updating my website and blog so they look all pretty. Now maybe tomorrow I can actually start another painting...MAYBE!

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