Friday, March 15, 2013

Musings of an Over Caffeinated Blogger

This week represents 2 years of blogging for me and this will be my 78th published post during that time.  My first post was published on March 11, 2011 and here I sit, drinking my third cup of my favorite coffee in the same McDonald's that most every post has been either started, completed or at least considered.  To me writing has always been something that I really enjoyed and like painting, wasn't practiced nearly enough during the 30 years I raised my family and worked full-time.

Now don't get me wrong...Business Administrators do have to write an occasional letter but usually they consisted of what was called in my Business English class as  a "BAD NEWS" letter.  You know the one that states you own money, you haven't paid your money or we need to hear from you about your money.  Most of the letters I wrote were connected to the collection process.   Three months retired and that life is like ancient history now.

Writing now for me has taken on a completely different prospective.  I try to focus mostly on my journey as an artist in this blog so the majority of my posts are art related but occasionally there has been a  humorous story about rattlesnakes (5-23-11),  being snowed in on a Memorial Day camping trip (5-31-11) or family traditions like picking apples in Caliente, Nevada (8-8-11).  I enjoy sometimes looking back at my past blogs and remembering those entries.

Blogging is very similar to a public diary because it is really a mystery at who is really reading your posts.  I have read several books on blogging and there are a number of ways that you might measure your success as a blogger.  First is the number of page views.  This morning I have 4310 page views. I check everyday the number and have been excited to see my average nearing 50 a day.  Of course I would like to see 100  or 1000 page views but in two years there is definite growth.  Another measure is followers.  This has been very slow and I'm not sure how to produce more followers but 9 is what I currently have and I'm thankful for those that care to read my blog regularly.

Finally, comments left on your blog can be a positive measure to the success of your blog.  I love to hear the occasional comment but would love to have this be a daily occurrence.  I think that helps you not have that scary feeling that you are just talking to yourself and there is really no one out there.

 So today I'm resolved as ever to keep blogging on..... and hopefully you will keep viewing, following and commenting. 

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