Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Painting Dusty Prospectors

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It was just last year around this time that I began painting a piece that I would later call "Dreams in Shades of Gold". At the time that I started laying out the composition, I had no idea just how much attention this little piece would bring me.  Now nine months later, I am sitting here with a copy of the Mar/April 2013 publication of "Gold Prospectors" magazine on the table next to me still feeling a bit of shock.  The magazine is lying opened to pages 68 and 69,  where very familiar photos are beautifully displayed.

What an honor to have talked with freelance writer Russ Balbirona as he interviewed me for this little story.  What a great job he did by sharing my feelings about this amazing state and how inspired I am whenever I have the fortune to be out in the vastness that I call home.  Brad with his love for gold prospecting and me with my paint brushes. Thank you Gold Prospectors Magazine for sharing my work with your readers.

See How Happy I Am-Just Painting Away
Now Brad Looks Just Like A Dusty Prospector

Enjoy my little tribute to Nevada:

Dreams In Shades of Gold

Mining Nevada

Pioneer Dreams

Mojave Sunrise

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