Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting a Very Special Cowboy

There have been several times so far in my journey to become an artist that I have worked on a piece that evokes a strong emotional response and usually this has been connected to a piece that makes me think of my dad.  I've painted two pieces right after his passing that brought me to a place of deep reflection and once again I find myself going there again.

Since another year has past and we now have completed year two, I felt it was time to revisit that old newspaper clipping that I have of my dad riding a buffalo at about 20 years of age.  This is just before he met my mother and of course two years before I was considered. My dad left his home in Hugoton, Kansas and began riding the professional rodeo circuit and I'm sure, gave my granny lots to worry about.  There is something about 20 year old boys that can make any mother's hair turn gray.  I know...I've raised 4 of them and have LOTS of gray hair!

So this morning I'm drinking my usual cup of McDonald's fine coffee and considering the canvas that is just blocked out in acrylic at home on my easel.  To the causal glance, anyone would be able to recognize a typical rodeo scene unfolding but this canvas represents so much more than that to me.  As I lift my brush each time to add to the layers of paint, hoping to achieve the desired effect, I am meditating on what this man meant to me and how great my heart aches that I am no longer able to hear one of his facinating stories, discuss a current event or just hear that familiar voice on the phone.  

Yes, painting is personal and can be a very reflective and healing.  It is a way that I can give honor to a very SPECIAL cowboy, my dad-Gerry Warner Diveley.

My dad riding in the rodeo

The starting of my newest painting-buffalo definitely needs to be thicker

"A Cowboy Tribute" 18 x 24 Acrylic-If you are interested in purchasing any giclee prints of this particular piece visit my Fine Art America site at:Julie Townsend-A Cowboy Tribute

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